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FIBC bags manufacturer

The quality of jumbo bags is high with SHUBHPOLYFAB. Also popularly known as a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) it can be used for storing and transportation of various items which may be powdered, granulated or even can be used for bulk products. Jumbo bags (FIBC) are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabric, which are then stabilized against UV degeneration. The bulk bag can contain load capacities, which can be between 500 to 2000kgs. The safety of 5:1 or 6:1 is also achievable for such Jumbo bags. We can also introduce LDPE inner liner and can be used to provide additional protection for moisture ingress.

  • There can be various types of bag constructions namely four penal, u-penal, circular, conical, baffle, and more.
  • Lifting options include side-seam loops, side-seam under, cross-corner loops, turner-lift, hood lift, single stevedore straps, double stevedore straps, and more.
  • We also offer various fill options including open top, duffle skirt, flap top, fill spout, conical top, and sprout flap.
  • The discharge options include full base, duffle, discharge spout, flap and duffle, spout and flap, cone and spout, supported cone + spout.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, popularly knowns as Jumbo Bags (FIBC) are used for main purposes like transportation and handling of powder, flakes or materials like granules. Here are some of the characteristics:

  • They are generally produced and constructed from woven polypropylene fabric, which is in the form of cubic bags.
  • The fabric used can also be one single layer of product, with lose extra liner or lamination.
  • A UV treated PP can also be a viably good conductor of electricity, because of which, during the filing or discharge process, there is a continuous accumulation of charge, and then the product is transferred to the wall of the bag.
  • If it is left unchecked, this static charge, built up, can result in spark discharges from the surface of the FIBC or the charging of adjacent isolated conductors such as people or unearthed metal, by induction.
  • If you couple this with the risk of throwing power in the atmosphere, which can ignite resulting in a fire on an explosion.
  • Most manufacturers, including SHUBHPOLYFAB understand the risks and thus,special groundable packages are developed to help overcome the problems.

The simple idea is that when using Jumbo Bags (FIBC) you should not transport or store flammable products, and there should be no flammable or gas present around the bag. Although, you can be assured that jumbo bags (FIBC) are made with utmost care, by well trained manpower, which can attend the perfect dissipative properties, and these bags can be frequently tested, as per static standards.

  • Our bags are made with specialized IDP Coating, which is permanent and it can easily withstand day to day humid atmosphere.
  • Our coated bags can reduce turbocharging during filling and discharging because high quality material is used to alternate discharge phenomenon.
  • Because of the reduction in electrostatic field from the surface of fabric, due to the use of conductive threads, ions are neutralized easily.

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