About Us

Shubh Polyfab Pvt Ltd,which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is one of the most preferred manufacturers and exporters of FIBC (Bulk Bags) and HDPE/PP fabric, and woven sacks. The company, which was incorporated in 2012, has commenced its operations by February 2013.

The facility is currently located in Dascroi, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), where we produce our three major products namely, Jumbo Bags (FIBC), HDPE/PP Woven Sacks, and HDPE/PP Woven Fabrics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the largest quality producer of bulk bags in India. We have invested highly in the quality assurance department to make sure sustainable manufacturing of our product is achieved. Moreover, it is the best long term way for our business to grow.

Our Mission

  • Our purpose is distinct, and our operational expertise, which is across the business model, will help us achieve our vision to grow our business, at the same time decoupling our environmental footprint from growth and increasing positive social impact. It is how captured in the Shubh Polyfab manufacturing plan.
  • By combination of our international quality standards, with deep roots in the diverse cultural background, we continue to offer a range of bulk bag products that suit a diverse range of customers. Our strong relationship with emerging markets as well as established on assure quality growth and development.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are one of the premier manufacturers of bulk bags in the ahmedabad region of Gujarat, which means we are one of the finest producers of bulk bags. We have taken up the responsibility of giving quality services to our customers and high quality facilities about premium manufacturing.
  • All our products are manufactured with high quality material, so that you will never have to worry about the quality or durability of our products. It means we are highly invested in offering quality products.
  • Quality Assurance

  • We believe that quality is the most important part of selling our products and winning lifelong customers, which is why we offer high quality services to our customers at an affordable rates. Our customers love the quality of services we offer, and make sure all our products are quality.
  • The best part about our manufacturing is that we manufacture high quality material goods from reliable source of materials. This ensures high quality production, which can offer more systematic production. You can not achieve production without any quality assurance. One of the finest sources of quality assurance is that there is a difference between high quality and manufacturing production systems.

  • Shubh Polyfab is one of the finest manufacturers of quality materials. We ensure that quality can be maintained without any problems and there can be a systematic supply of materials which can be obtained from our side. All our products are quality, assuring high quality manufacturing. The process is built on the idea and standpoint that we achieve long term customer supply of bulk bags by offering quality services at a reasonable price, without any problems in quality.

    Our Vision:

    To help the world fulfil its packaging needs.

    Our Mission:

    Do the right thing, the first time, every time.


    HR capabilities

    The manpower of our company is skilled and experienced with able support from the managerial staff to roll out quality products to satisfy our customer’s needs

    Product management

    A number of packaging products are manufactured under one roof in our facility. FIBC (Bulk bags), HDPE/PP woven sacks and fabrics.

    Quality Consciousness

    Quality and performance is our mantra. We strive for perfection and excellence in all our processes and products.


    Shubh Polyfab Pvt. Ltd. has a sprawling campus spread over in almost an acre in Village Mahijada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is located at Soham Integrated Textile Park which is a plastic textile hub. In our commitment to stay green, a 103kW solar panel system is installed in our facility and also a plastic recycling machine for our in-house consumption. In order to get the best quality fabric and woven sacks, machinery best in the Industry from reputed companies have been installed.

    Tape Extrusion Plant:

    The tape stretching line incorporate “state-of-the-art” technology designed to meet highest performance and quality requirements with maximum efficiency and flexibility while using minimum raw material and energy.


    Circular Looms:

    these looms offer solutions for weaving light weight as well as dense fabrics, of varying widths and a wide variety of end applications.


    BCS Bag Conversion System:

    For smooth, automatic & precise conversion from fabric to bag A high speed conversion line for cross-cutting of tubular fabric (woven from PP/HDPE tapes), bottom folding & sewing and finally stacking.


    Bale Compression Machine

    Available for both FIBC and Woven sacks.


    Needle Loom

    We have 2 of them installed